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...but I just got out of a 9 day stay in the hospital....rather frightening.
My apologies to those whom I follow, and to those who follow me. :)
I've loved Star Wars ever since I was a kid....even though I am now no longer a fan of anything.   From the Original Trilogy (both regular and extra crispy) to the Prequel Trilogy to The Clone Wars, I've mostly loved Star Wars.  (Those Ewok movies are rather cringeworthy, though.)

I remember all the talk through the years, back in the 80s, when it was announced on TBS that there were supposed to be some 13 Star Wars movies, up through almost fairly recent history where George Lucas declared that Return of the Jedi was absolutely the end of the saga.

I remember all the hubbub about the Expanded Universe, and how the official SW stuff ignores it.  The levels of "canon" and "fanon" and who accepts what so readily as the "official" part of their Star Wars universe.

I remember the nerd rage over how JJ Abrams basically took Star Trek and turned it into Star Wars (his favorite).

Then there came the announcements that Disney bought Lucasfilm, and that as a result of that purchase, there will be new Star Wars movies, including a new trilogy that takes place beyond Return of the Jedi. And that JJ Abrams will be directing the first one.  Given their (Disney/Marvel Studios) success with the recent Marvel movies, I had every reason to be excited about this prospect under the auspices of Disney.

.....until now....

The teaser trailer for Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens has gone pandemic over the internet.  I'm sure there are equal parts fangasms and nerd rages in response to it.

I guess, for now, you can count me among the latter.

This teaser trailer, to me, screams "fanfilm"!

From the lone black guy stormtrooper suddenly appearing on the screen in the middle of the desert in a seemingly broken stormtrooper outfit, looking like "How in the fuck did I get here?!", to the supposedly mysterious Sith lord/apprentice with the lightsaber with light-hand guards, to the chick riding on some super bulky version of what I guess is supposed to be a speeder bike.   That all just screams elaborate fanfilm to me.   It just looks like something that a bunch of fans who seem to have a lot of disposable income would throw together.

And then there's the astromech head on a beachball.   Right there, I had to stop watching, because all of a sudden, it screamed: "Ok, so this teaser trailer is actually for a fanfilm parody of something that we were apparently supposed to accept initially as the official teaser for the upcoming Star Wars movie.  So, it's just another internet joke." Ultimately, I did watch the trailer in its entirety, but nothing happened to convince me otherwise that this was a fanfilm parody of what was supposed to be the upcoming Star Wars movie.

But apparently, no, this is the real thing.

The only thing I saw in this trailer that has me remotely excited or even morbidly curious about Star Wars VII is the brief Millennium Falcon/TIE Fighter footage.

I don't care for the new X-wing design.  It may probably grow on me, but for now, I don't care for it.    And it's funny, and rather ironic too.  I remember how so many internet nerds berated me for loving the new design for the Enterprise in JJ Abrams' two new Star Trek movies, and yet here I am not liking the new X-wing design.

And throughout all this trailer,  not one bit of in-space footage.  Since when were all these ships relegated to strictly land-based applications?  Especially the X-wings skimming along the water?!

I realize this is all supposed to be reflecting a time of some 15-20 years or so passing in the Star Wars universe since Return of the Jedi, but a lot of these designs seem like a step backward rather than forward.

Another thing that screamed "fanfilm" about this, to me, was that there was no use of the Lucasfilm or even Disney logos to herald this.  Understandable since no fan wants to get sued or have legal action taken over their labors of love....and supposedly Disney has a very mean-assed legal department.

But, I digress...

If this is indeed supposed to be the teaser for Episode VII, well, my expectations have been lowered considerably.  However, I will try to keep an open mind.

I remember when I saw the teaser trailers for Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines.  I was so put off by them...especially the way I heard Der Schwarzenegger say: "John Connor, it is time."  I was fully ready for T3 to just suck donkey yarbles.  And I knew who the director was: it was the same director for U-571, a movie I enjoyed tremendously.  I felt so let down with that teaser for T3 though.  But then, new trailers started rolling out, and I started to feel a bit more at ease, and eager to go see that new movie.   Then I went to see it, and I was pleasantly surprised.   Terminator 3 was an enjoyable movie, certainly better than I expected.

And I have to say now that I am more excited about the trailers for Terminator: Genisys than I am about Star Wars VII: The Fanfilm Awakens.

Given my history with Terminator 3, I will try to give Episode VII the same benefit of the doubt.  I am hoping that future trailers will give me something to actually get excited about, and that when I go see the new movie, I will be blown away, or at least, genuinely entertained.
The Internet is a wonderful thing.  (Not to mention, the world's largest porn store Crazy Homer ...but I digress.)

Information is pretty much instantaneous.  You want a movie or story spoiled for yourself (not that I like such things), you can pretty much search for the info.  Sometimes you might have to punch in a few extra keystrokes, but probably about 90 percent of the time, you can get the info you want.

Unfortunately, instant information also has its ugly in instantly watching "fans" act all victimized if something doesn't fit into their dogmatic view of a property they don't even own in the first place.

That's when that sense of self-entitlement suddenly dwindles down into a case of "victimization".   You know....that sense that somehow the fan's childhood memories have been raped. 

Seriously?  Is that how someone equates it?  That's a bit extreme, innit?
I order for that to manifest itself, it would then mean the victimized fan would have to at least be mentally scarred from the experience.  (Are folk really THAT weak?)  And then, the childhood memory rape victim might actually have to seek counseling from a professional rape therapist, who would only look upon this self-imposed sense of victimization and trauma as a complete waste of their time, when there are people out there who are truly being raped by violent criminals.  

Let me emphasize: I do not say these things to make light of ACTUAL rape victims.  Their lives are harrowing enough.  Some come out stronger for their horrifying experience, others might still need help.  Regardless, THAT has to be a true terror to live through. (And I'm sure I've understated the truth for them.)

But Childhood Memory Rape?!  No such thing.  Fans who did not get their way are not rape victims! 

"Waaaah! !  Everyone has first names!  The original names are reduced to 'callsigns'!  Vipers shoot bullets instead of lasers now!   Starbuck, Boomer, and Cain are women now! This was not my Battlestar Galactica! My childhood memory has been raped!"

"Waaaah! !  The Enterprise is nothing like the original, Spock is over-emotional, Uhura is a self-entitled bitch, and Kirk is like a college fratboy!  This was not my Star Trek!  My childhood memory has been raped!"

"Waaaah! !  Greedo shot first?! Jar Jar still alive?!  Qui-Gon Jinn was Obi-Wan Kenobi's master?!  Anakin is a whiny brat...even as Darth Vader! (NNOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!) Everything is CGI!!!! This was not what the Star Wars prequels were supposed to be like!  My childhood memory has been raped!"

Horse hockey, mule-fritters, monkey-muffins, and bullshit.

What's even funnier is the people who try to tell me "You cannot support both (version A) of (insert franchise here) and (version B) of (same franchise) because they are two completely different things!"  Yes....people have actually told me that.  I's as bad as those courtroom lawyer jokes.   (Lawyer: "And was the victim dead at the time you performed the autopsy?")  The mentality is about the same.

Hell, if I want to support two rival sports collectives, I'll do it...why?  Because I can! Nod 

Sad as it is to say....these people exist!  And many of these!

I've tried before to accept that there are different levels of fandom.
The casual fan.  The devoted fan.  The hardcore fan.  (Just do NOT try to convince me about the "true fan"....mythical beast, those are.)

Unfortunately, delineation of those levels of fandom seems to blur together too readily.  Fan means "fanatic" (in case you forgot from my first entry on this subject Wink/Razz ) and fanatics tend to be...well....fanatical...especially over something that brings them no tangible benefit.  (If you have started reading this journal first, and wish to see my views on their "fanaticism", here ya go: Fandom..and Why I Renounced It Long Ago de facto part 1).

Look....if you like or love something, like it, love it, or leave it.  Devoting yourself fanatically to it will only bring you butthurt if something changes about it that doesn't suit your view.

The more that fandom rears its ugly head, the more reasons I have for denouncing it.   Which has led me to sum up my philosophy in a few short words, which have now become my DA Personal Quote:

"Don't be a fan.  Don't be a victim!"

It's simple, really.  :)
Heather by Ygure animated by Genchang2112 SWF (640 by genchang2112
Heather by Ygure animated by Genchang2112 SWF (640
Here's another XNALara creation, this time by oOCroftyOo and retextured by Ygure, and animated by yours truly in iClone 5.5 PRO.   It's the same animation, just a different character.  Had a couple minor tech glitches with this one, but I'm sure I'll figure it out.

More conversions on the way.
XNA Lara (Rebecca Chambers) fully animated in swam by genchang2112
XNA Lara (Rebecca Chambers) fully animated in swam
Animating an XNALara character can be quite the challenge.  In XNALara, you'd have to do it frame by frame...and that can be a bit tedious.

Well, I succeeded quite a bit at converting an XNALara mesh into an animated avatar in iClone 5 PRO, thanks to Blender, 3DEXchange, and a hell of a lot of trial, error, and patience.

Now, if I can just figure out how to get her face bones to work in iClone so she can do more than just look pretty. :)

I hope I get the credits right: If I mistake the credits, please inform me, and I'll correct them.

Rebecca from XNALara created by Deexie and retextured by Lyssa-Nivans.  Often used in scene setups by Ygure (whose Heather Mason character I am anxious to animate).

Swampy background environment and "walking scared" animation created by Genchang2112

Rebecca converted in Blender and 3DExchange, and animated in iClone 5.5 PRO.

I hope ya' like. :)
...but I just got out of a 9 day stay in the hospital....rather frightening.
My apologies to those whom I follow, and to those who follow me. :)


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Personal Quote: Don't be a fan. Don't be a victim!

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