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Hi, all,

  Now, granted, I love making personal recreations of my favorite sci-fi ships, and making tribute films of my favorite sci-fi franchises, but I gave up being a fan a LONG time ago.


Let's take "Star Trek".
There is no such thing as "Real Trek".   That is a moniker for disenfranchised fanboys to rail about when something doesn't go 110 percent their way.  (Of course, I'm guilty of blasting those who like to put Wonder Woman and Lara Croft in pants, covering up their lovely legs.  There is a special hell for those who dare to cover up the sexiest icons of female heroism.  :D )  The latest thing that the "grokkers" have taken to terrorizing are the recent JJ Abrams films (Star Trek, Star Trek Into Darkness).   They feel like these are not Trek.  They think that these have absolutely nothing to do with Trek.  (For some, it might be TINO....Trek In Name Only.)

Felgercarb, balderdash, hogwash, horse hockey, monkey muffins, mule-fritters, and bullshit.

Those who feel that the Abrams Treks are not Star Trek are merely expressing an OPINION to that end.  It is not fact.   And that is the problem with fandom.  Fans tend to treat their own opinions as "facts".   There's self-delusion in rare form if ever I saw it.    I respect opinions.  I do not respect opinions that folks try to play off as fact.

 This is but one of the reasons why I have renounced "fandom".  Fans tend to ruin the very things they love with their bemoaning of change.  Fans also tend to have this deluded sense of self-entitlement to something that does not at all belong to them.  They tend to think that they can do a better Star Trek/Star Wars/insert favorite franchise here than even those who originated it in the first place.  And the ones who really make me laugh in derision are the self-annointed "TRUE FANS".  No such animals.  The term "True Fan" is nothing more than a self-important moniker for those who think they are the ONLY ones who actually appreciate, and know of the only essence of whatever it is that makes their franchise the best thing since sliced bread in their eyes.  All others (even more casual fans by comparison) are non-believers, and must be punished with the rest of the unwashed masses who supposedly cannot fathom their favored franchise.

Once upon a time, being a fan was really something great.  But something happened along the way.  I opened up my eyes, and saw fandom for what it was.

Fan is short for fanatic.  And sadly, I liken the term fanatic to less savory socio-political ideologies who live for nothing more than so-called "purification", "cleansing", "education", etc of the infidels.  (Be they Christian, Muslim, Nazi, Communist, Imperialist, etc.)   And some fans of certain franchises are unhinged just enough to demand the same thing for the "infidels" who embrace different ideas/ideals for their beloved relig---er---I mean ideolog---er, dammit, I mean franchise(s).  This extends toward sci-fi/fantasy and sports.  (Oh, Good God don't even get me STARTED on sports.)   Fans tend to be autocratic, totalitarian, and oppressive in their beliefs.  The only ways that their franchises achieve freedom is to break from the bonds of the limitations that fans place on their beloved franchises (be it Star Trek, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, and so forth and so on). To take a given franchise in a new, bold,  and exciting direction. And then, when that freedom is achieved, and embraced, then all of a sudden it is a pariah.  But a prophet is never welcome in his/her own country.   It is like an extremist form of liberalism vs conservatism.   (Now, in the real-world, I am a strong conservative--pro 2nd amendment, family values, etc... with a few tenuous liberal notions...but in the sci-fi world, I am pretty much a rampant liberal. :) )  But again, sometimes fandom lends itself more to likening with Jihadis than with Democrats or Republicans.

I am a spiritualist.  I believe in God in my own way.  Much the same as with my favorite sci-fi/fantasy properties.  I have my own ideas, and embrace other ideas.
I don't let others tell me how to believe, or what to believe, nor do I tell them what or how to believe, or who to believe in.

Fandom is organized religion, dictating the behavior of the so-called "faithful", and giving their following a bad name, be it God, Star Trek, Harry Potter, or the New Orleans Saints, Pittsburgh Steelers, Dallas Cowboys, etc.  If you are not in lock-step mentality with the rest of the group, then you know nothing of that which you enjoy/follow, and are unworthy. 

So, bye bye fandom.  You had your chance, and you failed.  And will continue to fail.  This is not to say that I am parting ways with the many awesome folk who do comprise fandom.  I take them as human beings and friends who passionately love their given favorite franchises.  I'm just not in lock-step with the dogma of fandom.

But, going back to the extremism of fandom:
It is as Deputy Chief of Staff Josh Lyman ( in the show "The West Wing") told a group of students who were visiting the White House one day, when suddenly the White House had to be locked down because of a potential terrorist attack by Jihadis, and why they hate Americans so much:  "You wanna really piss those people off?  You wanna really show them that they're not gonna change our way of life?  Keep embracing more than one idea, because they can't, and won't.  And that's why they hate us. Why they hate Americans, and freedom loving people." (paraphrased)

This journal may lose me a lot of watchers and those who enjoy my work, but the reality is, there are far worse things to worry about in this world than whether or not Star Trek is still the same as it was 40-50 years ago.

I think I've said enough.......for now..... :)


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