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The Internet is a wonderful thing.  (Not to mention, the world's largest porn store Crazy Homer ...but I digress.)

Information is pretty much instantaneous.  You want a movie or story spoiled for yourself (not that I like such things), you can pretty much search for the info.  Sometimes you might have to punch in a few extra keystrokes, but probably about 90 percent of the time, you can get the info you want.

Unfortunately, instant information also has its ugly in instantly watching "fans" act all victimized if something doesn't fit into their dogmatic view of a property they don't even own in the first place.

That's when that sense of self-entitlement suddenly dwindles down into a case of "victimization".   You know....that sense that somehow the fan's childhood memories have been raped. 

Seriously?  Is that how someone equates it?  That's a bit extreme, innit?
I order for that to manifest itself, it would then mean the victimized fan would have to at least be mentally scarred from the experience.  (Are folk really THAT weak?)  And then, the childhood memory rape victim might actually have to seek counseling from a professional rape therapist, who would only look upon this self-imposed sense of victimization and trauma as a complete waste of their time, when there are people out there who are truly being raped by violent criminals.  

Let me emphasize: I do not say these things to make light of ACTUAL rape victims.  Their lives are harrowing enough.  Some come out stronger for their horrifying experience, others might still need help.  Regardless, THAT has to be a true terror to live through. (And I'm sure I've understated the truth for them.)

But Childhood Memory Rape?!  No such thing.  Fans who did not get their way are not rape victims! 

"Waaaah! !  Everyone has first names!  The original names are reduced to 'callsigns'!  Vipers shoot bullets instead of lasers now!   Starbuck, Boomer, and Cain are women now! This was not my Battlestar Galactica! My childhood memory has been raped!"

"Waaaah! !  The Enterprise is nothing like the original, Spock is over-emotional, Uhura is a self-entitled bitch, and Kirk is like a college fratboy!  This was not my Star Trek!  My childhood memory has been raped!"

"Waaaah! !  Greedo shot first?! Jar Jar still alive?!  Qui-Gon Jinn was Obi-Wan Kenobi's master?!  Anakin is a whiny brat...even as Darth Vader! (NNOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!) Everything is CGI!!!! This was not what the Star Wars prequels were supposed to be like!  My childhood memory has been raped!"

Horse hockey, mule-fritters, monkey-muffins, and bullshit.

What's even funnier is the people who try to tell me "You cannot support both (version A) of (insert franchise here) and (version B) of (same franchise) because they are two completely different things!"  Yes....people have actually told me that.  I's as bad as those courtroom lawyer jokes.   (Lawyer: "And was the victim dead at the time you performed the autopsy?")  The mentality is about the same.

Hell, if I want to support two rival sports collectives, I'll do it...why?  Because I can! Nod 

Sad as it is to say....these people exist!  And many of these!

I've tried before to accept that there are different levels of fandom.
The casual fan.  The devoted fan.  The hardcore fan.  (Just do NOT try to convince me about the "true fan"....mythical beast, those are.)

Unfortunately, delineation of those levels of fandom seems to blur together too readily.  Fan means "fanatic" (in case you forgot from my first entry on this subject Wink/Razz ) and fanatics tend to be...well....fanatical...especially over something that brings them no tangible benefit.  (If you have started reading this journal first, and wish to see my views on their "fanaticism", here ya go: Fandom..and Why I Renounced It Long Ago de facto part 1).

Look....if you like or love something, like it, love it, or leave it.  Devoting yourself fanatically to it will only bring you butthurt if something changes about it that doesn't suit your view.

The more that fandom rears its ugly head, the more reasons I have for denouncing it.   Which has led me to sum up my philosophy in a few short words, which have now become my DA Personal Quote:

"Don't be a fan.  Don't be a victim!"

It's simple, really.  :)


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Favourite genre of music: Classic Rock, Orchestral Soundtracks
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Favourite cartoon character: Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck (either with Marvin Martian)
Favorite TV show: It's a tie between M*A*S*H* and The West Wing.
Personal Quote: Don't be a fan. Don't be a victim!

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